Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Google Map Of Thrones

If you're a big Game Of Thrones fan but haven't read the books….or even if you've read the books and love the show and are just generally all-in on George RR Martin's world….you'll really dig this interactive map outlining the entire world of the "Song Of Fire & Ice" universe.  You can even follow characters' paths through this world, and if you're only partway through the books and/or TV series, no problem; spoiler controls are in effect so you can adjust the character paths to match how far you are into the story.  It is some very cool stuff.  As a non-book reader, I guess I just always pictured Westeros as "basically the United Kingdom" and sure enough, the continent bears a pretty strong resemblance to the land of the Premiership. 

Also….holy crap, Daenerys Targaryen and company have done a TON of walking.  They should give her the throne back based on sheer mileage alone.

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