Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Nonsense

Every bookmark represents a character death in the Song Of Fire & Ice series.  Yikes.


As a big Martin Scorsese fan, I'm obviously looking forward to The Wolf Of Wall Street.  While I expect it to be a searing look at modern financial culture, it would also be hilarious if Scorsese just trolled everyone and had DiCaprio literally turn into a werewolf halfway through the movie.  Like, he's living it up as the Wall Street big shot until a full moon and then boom, it just randomly turns into a generic horror movie with WolfLeo roaming the streets of Manhattan.  It'd be Scorsese's hidden tribute to From Dusk Til Dawn in terms of wild plot veers.


Technically, isn't every book a page-turner?


Did Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Reptile and Smoke all feel like fucking idiots when they showed up for work in virtually the same outfit?  I'm sure one of their colour-blind co-workers* laughed their heads** off that day.

* = I'm just speculating here, but since one of the other dudes had metal arms and another had a half-cybernetic face, so what the hell, throw some colour-blindness onto the pile

** = very possible "laughing one's head off" is an actual Mortal Kombat fatality


Arguably the greatest athletic event of our time is given the full 30-for-30 documentary treatment by Yahoo Sports.  "But wait, isn't 30-for-30 an ESPN production?"  Well, yeah, but the athletic event in question is the basketball game from Space Jam, so this one may be a little tongue in cheek.  Hands-down, best segment is the discussion of Foghorn Leghorn's untimely death.

Weird Space Jam-related story,,,.at the Super Bowl party last year, we were killing time before the game and watching Space Jam on another channel.  My pal Matt spent the time criticizing Lola Bunny's wardrobe choices and/or general air of promiscuity.  He made just enough comments to cross the line from 'running joke' to 'wow, Matt clearly had a crush on Lola Bunny as a kid.'


Have you ever seen a closeup image of an insect's face?  That phrase "cute as a bug's ear" is complete bullshit.


"This is not a tramp stamp." --- Rene Magritte, defending his back tattoo


"Wow, check out this awesome new Bob Dylan video" is not a sentence I expected to write in 2013, but here we are.  I've seen music videos with the "random scenes with characters lip-syncing the lyrics" gimmick before, and even a few videos with the channel-surfing gimmick, but never one with both gimmicks combined, and certainly not with this depth and interactivity.  Kudos to Bob Dylan for learning Flash code and putting this video together, since I'm sure that's what happened.


Quebec's greatest criminal mastermind is known as the Not-Joker, a master thief who rips people off with fake Just For Laughs gags that causes the victims to let their guard down.  He pretends to steal their wallet and purposely gets caught, then he points out his cameraman accomplice across the street.  The victim laughs….and then the Not Joker kicks him in the junk and runs off with the wallet.  It's the perfect crime.

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