Saturday, October 26, 2013

NBA Predictions

Get 'em while they're hot!

1. Chicago
2. Miami
3. Brooklyn
4. Indiana
5. New York
6. Detroit
7. Atlanta
8. Washington

So, the East has five good teams and then it's just a battle of mediocrity to see who will be the first-round elimination fodder for the top three seeds.  The Cavaliers, Bucks and maybe even the Raptors also have a shot at being the ones who get the honour of getting blitzed by the division winners.  Whatever, none of these teams matter.  The Knicks and Nets also don't really matter since LOL the Knicks actually winning anything and the Nets don't have a time machine to 2008, so I don't see what good importing Pierce and Garnett will do at this stage.

Nope, it comes down to just three teams with legitimate chances to win the conference.  Chicago, astoundingly, still played great even without Derrick Rose and gave Miami all it could handle in the second round, so with Rose back and presumably healthy, they're title contenders.  Indiana just keeps on improving and Paul George could be a superstar now.  It's tempting to think about one of these teams winning the East but since the NBA is no fun, the Heat will just win it again.  Sure, they'll be banged up come playoff time and they'll lose a few games to make people sweat, but LeBron is still LeBron.  Case closed.   

1. San Antonio
2. LA Clippers
3. Oklahoma City
4. Golden State
5. Memphis
6. Houston
7. Dallas
8. Minnesota

The West is, as usual, much more interesting.  It also has a logjam at the bottom, since Portland, New Orleans and maybe Utah have a shot at those last two seeds.  I'm picking the Mavericks just because I like Dirk and because the poor Timberwolves need to have one year where everyone is healthy and playing well, right?

That leaves the top six, who are really the top three (the Grizzlies are tough and gritty but are clearly a step behind the elite level; the Warriors are exciting and cool but are clearly a step behind the elite level; the Rockets wasted their time and energy for the chronic disappointment that is Dwight Howard).  The Clippers will be way better simply by dint of the fact that Doc Rivers is an immense upgrade over Vinny Del Confusion as head coach.  The Spurs are the Spurs.  The Thunder have Kevin Durant, nuff said, even with Russell Westbrook still hurt.  While I appreciate the possibility of Westbrook returning somewhat fresh partway through the season and then helping OKC go on a run…actually wait, yeah, I'll go with this, sounds good.  A lot of things went right for the Spurs last season and it seems unlikely it'll all break that way again.

So Miami vs. Oklahoma City in the Finals, and of course the Heat will win again.  #Boring  

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