Sunday, October 13, 2013


This is my 1000th post on this blog.  It might not always be --- it's possible I go back and erase an old post, or drastically rewrite something, or realize I've saved a draft somewhere in the archives that counts in my number total, etc.  It's a pretty fluid situation as far as milestones go, which kind of sums up this blog's existence.

I'm probably going to continue blogging for the rest of my life, which seems like an odd thing to say.  "Blogs" will probably exist in one form or another as long as the internet exists*, even if this specific Blogger outlet no longer functions or the idea of an old-fashioned "blog" goes out of style.  Hell, it probably already has.  Several of my friends who used to have lots of thoughts to share have now switched just to Tumblr or Instagram, communicating through pictures rather than words.  Admittedly, that's because my friends are all getting into their late 20s/early 30s and it seems like a very teenage/early 20's university student thing to do, thinking that the world JUST HAS TO HEAR your brilliant opinions. 

* = right?  Well, who knows.  In ten years time, I could have a kid, and upon seeing the old man sit down to write a blog post, Mark Jr. or Marquette would react with as much disdain as if I had been writing on a typewriter.  Then again, good lord, would I not want my future kids to ever know I had a blog.  "Geez Dad, you were really into Lost?"

Thanks to everyone who's been reading for the last eight years and you can probably look forward to eight more.  I'll likely never get tired of posting weird pop culture items or writing about whatever comes to mind.  Stay tuned for the 2000th post when I write a similarly half-assed "whoa, I guess this is an anniversary" item and then perhaps let my future child write a paragraph talking about how their dad is a technological dinosaur.

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