Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random Nonsense

If Jesus was into online dating, would he sign up with Christian Mingle or J-Date?  Plenty Of Fish is probably out since Jesus can whip up a plenty of fish anytime he wants.

"Forgettable" is usually used as an insult in reviews but what if an album is perfectly good, but just….I dunno, forgettable?  Case in point, Ben Harper's "Diamonds On The Inside" record.  I got the disc about 10 years ago to review for my student newspaper, really enjoyed it, gave it a nice write-up and then proceeded to forget about its existence.  Flash-forward two years or so when I find the album on my shelf and it's a happy surprise, since I'd literally forgotten I owned it.  It was like hearing it again for the first time.

This pattern basically has repeated itself every couple of years.  I remember a few specific songs on the record but that's it, so it's virtually a totally fresh experience upon every listen.  That said, is it also a mark against DOIT if it so utterly fails to make any kind of lasting impression?  It's like eating a cucumber; tastes great, always look forward to it as a topping, but never personally buy them from a grocer and frankly, don't think it would impact my life if I never ate one again.

Note to self: come up with some kind of Game Of Thrones parody based on household furniture.  As in, couches, fridges, chairs, flooring, etc. are all sentient and belong to the House Of House.  "The Wall" can still be a thing in this reality, just make it the actual walls of the house.  Plot point: the treacherous stairs try to kill the homeowner but he literally hangs on for dear life after grabbing the railing.  The railings themselves have their issues with the homeowner but had to protect him since "a bannister always pays its debt."

From Grantland, Rembert Browne has a tournament bracket to determine the greatest Chappelle's Show sketch of all time.  Using this piece as a guide to go back and watch old Chappelle skits is a great way to kill time during a slow afternoon.  Browne's choice as the winner is an excellent one, but I think he gave Playa Hater's Ball the short shrift.  I mean, he actually named the brackets after the characters from the sketch! 

Put it this way, Johnny Cash's last name literally meant money, so you could argue that he could've had the most semi-legit reason to change the 'S' in his last name to a dollar sign.  Yet, he stayed away.  So, to musicians who use the dollar sign/S affectation (Ma$e, Ke$ha, A$AP Rocky, etc.), are you claiming you have more sense than Johnny Cash? 

Top eleven actors with the most infectious real-life laughs, as gleaned from watching sitcom blooper reels on YouTube…

11. Cobie Smulders
10. Jemaine Clement
9. John Krasinski
8. Max Greenfield
7. Nick Offerman
6. Jason Alexander
5. Amy Poehler
4. Dermot Mulroney
3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
2. Lauren Stamile (Professor Slater on Community)
1. Lisa Kudrow

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