Saturday, April 28, 2012

Between Two Ferns To The Power Of Two (So, Four)

Fun fact: It's so odd hearing nice-guy Steve Carell drop an f-bomb.

Fun fact: This is the first time since 1982 that Sean Penn has been discerned to have a sense of humour.  Not by appearing on Between Two Ferns, but rather appearing in public with that haircut.  (And, holy crap, did anyone think they were going REALLY DARK with a Chris Penn reference after that 'you have a twin brother' joke?)

Fun fact:  Tila Tequila and I were born on the exact same day.  I like to think we're kindred spirits.  Perhaps I, too, will one day have a reality show where I try to pick a suitor.  And then I'll lose all my discernible talent, to boot.

Fun fact: I usually think these 'Between Two Ferns' are funnier when the guest isn't openly in on the joke, but, hey, it's Will Ferrell.  He has carte blanche.

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