Thursday, June 09, 2011

Out-Of-Context Texts In My Phone Inbox, Volume XVI

My last random texts posts was less than two weeks ago, but my texting has picked up lately due to the fact that I've joined the year 2008 and purchased a BlackBerry. I figure that Jim Balsille is bummed that True North brought an NHL team back to Canada before he did, so I thought I'd cheer ol' Jim up by picking up one of his smartphones. He could use the cash. Anyway, let's all pour one one out for my old-ass ex-cellphone, now destined to spend the rest of its life sitting in a box. RIP Old Phone 2006-2011.

"Yay! BBM is life-changing!"

"I am now free all day Sunday. My grandma's building is under quarantine."

"Closer to 20 than you are, old man!"

"Sweet! p.s. I found the original script to 'The Big Kahuna' today."

"Right on."

"I'm going to be free all Wednesday afternoon, bro. Let's chill."

"And you have tickets?"

"Thought you may be inspired to return."

"It was one of those 3-1 games where the score didn't even remotely reflect how one-sided it was. Madness."

"Alright dude, no problemo. See you soon."

"When you arrive I'll meet you downstairs. Then can we go to Kinko's?"

"Blackberry! I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. We got bro time all day."

"Friend. T and I are coming to Toronto tomorrow for the game. You in?"

"Saw your tweets. Scary."

"lol, alright you selfish bastard. NO MORE MID-FIGHT INVITES FOR YOU!!"

"Hii. Would, but I'm in NY til Monday....hang soon though?"


"Gotta play it by ear but I think so re: sisters. Totally free tomorrow, though."

"You watching this?"

"Sigh....he wasn't hired to be a podcaster!"

"I'm at work til 11. I wish I could hit a patio."

"I just realized I never got back to you about tomorrow. I can't do it. I have to go to Oshawa for a lunch family birthday shindig."

"It's okay, though.....I found a public transit option."

"p.s. Bring DL to trivia tomorrow!!"

"No comparison to Susan, Mr. Film Critic. :) By the way do you have your BBM set up yet?"

"1:30 for a late lunch?"

"How about at the corner of College and Manning?"

" *get "

"A few of us are going over to Clinton's for motown and britpop at 1030. Msg me if you care to join."

"H'fuck you!"

"Keegan Bradley = Steve Shelby"

"What the fuck! Oh, you're working, right?"

"Anyone up for watching the basketball game someplace sporty or beery? Holla back!"

"Excellent! Who's the third?"

"'re new."

"I noticed you added an extra 'C.' North American soccer has seeped into your subconscious."

"This is where they are. C'mon!"

"Working the game today? I'll be 13 rows from the field."

"Dude, next Monday you're coming to a pub trivia night with D and me."

"Really hope you're not working this game."

"Just me 'n a couple of pals, we're gonna stay put"

"Rice cookers on sale for $10 at xscargo"

"Yes, I will pass that to T and we'll make it work. I'll let you know if we get more people."

"It's gonna take more than Hart this time around."

"And get back to fucking work. Christ on the cross..."

"There would be....remuneration"

"Have to delay. Raincheck. Mtg late. Sorry."


"We were there tonight. Most teams were 5 or 6 people but there was just two of us. We did okay. There were a few questions that you would have known for jokes."

"Hey man. I'm at the Jays game that won't end."

"Sorry buddy, Robyn concert! Sometime soon though!"

"Dying to see it! I'll see you soon!"

"Coupon till July."

"Want to go to a stage production of Thelma and Louise on Tuesday night? Not a play, it is an onstage actors studio like interview with Sarandon and Davis."

"Let me know if ur coming bc we might move locations"

"We're at the Madison watching the fights. The over here."

"Indefensible that Simmons didn't do a Finals preview. He is a sportswriter, right?"

"What's the matter? Didn't want to run out to the car to answer?"

"It's all coming up Milhouse!"

"Sorry, I suck."

"Your text skills are improving."

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