Saturday, February 12, 2011

Build A Robocop Statue!

So, I spent my Christmas Eve watching Robocop with my friends. "Respec," as Ali G might say. With that in mind, ol' Robo has been on my mind of late, which makes this campaign all the more poignant. It's a campaign created by Detroit citizens with the intent of building a Robocop statue in the Motor City.

To enhance the cause, the link includes a ten-minute rap recap of Robocop's plot. Yes, ten minutes.

Forget about Eminem driving around Detroit in a douchy Chevy ad, THIS is what the city needs to reinvigorate itself. What says Detroit more than a statue of a robotic policeman from an 80's action movie? Surely, there's no better way that money can be donated in one of the more poverty-stricken cities in America. Your move, creeps!

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