Saturday, February 06, 2010

So, We're All Holograms?


This doesn't bode well for my Jem & The Holograms tribute band, unoriginally named Mark & The Holograms.* It takes away from our uniqueness if EVERYONE is actually a hologram. It also takes away from the power of our original song, 'Everyone Is A Hologram,' the message of which is that by believing in ourselves and having fun, we too can metaphorically aspire to be as awesome as Jem. But if this scientific theory is correct, then our song becomes way too factual. It would be like writing a song titled, "Your Body Is Mostly Water." By the way, you might wonder why a tribute band has an original song --- it's because we don't do Jem covers, we just write our own tunes, all of which happen to be about a 1980's cartoon show. I won't lie, it's getting challenging.

* = My original choice, Simply Markraegeous!, was already taken by a Jem tribute band in Encino, California led by a guy named Mark Jones. That douchebag.

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