Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sesame Street classic moments

With Sesame Street celebrating its 40th anniversary, it was only appropriate to pay tribute to this wonderful show by highlighting some of its most memorable sketches and moments. Since every episode is, as you know, brought to you by a letter and number, I've decided to break things up alphabetically and numerically. Enjoy!

A is for the Aliens. Yip yip yipyipyipyipyipyip....

B is for the Beetles. Not pictured: the skit where they were split up by Maria Ono. B is also for BRRRUUUUUUUUUCE and for 'bonus,' so here's an added Springsteen spoof as well. You could say I was born to add it.

C is for Cookie! That's good enough for me!

D is for Don Music. Like any good musician, Don Music is totally ready to dick over Kermit over the publishing rights. This is basically what happened between Axl and Slash.

E is for Ernestine, Ernie's little niece. Wait, so this means Ernie had a brother or sister? Was that plotline ever explored? E might also be for exorcism, since Ernestine was clearly speaking in tongues.

F is for Feist. The enthusiastic head-bop along with the chickens kills me.

G is for Guy Smiley, everybody's favourite game show host. As we learn here, it's not his real name --- I've got to believe that Jim Henson had a friend named Bernie Liederkrantz and wanted to include a little in-joke on the show, since the whole concept of Jewish-Americans changing their names to fit in with WASPy culture is a bit advanced even for Sesame Street. btw, the Count should've taken the cash prize. He would've had loads of fun counting up to one million dollar bills.


I is for 'I Love You.' Cutest thing in recorded human history? Quite possibly.

J is for Johnny Cash. He made quite a few appearances on Sesame Street, but this one is quite possibly the best since it's an actually an improvement on the original "Don't Take Your Guns To Town" song, which I've never been a big fan of. Also, there was a Lady Count who looked exactly like the real Count? Wow. That must've been one, ONE awkward wedding night. AH AH AH AH! Embedding is disabled on this clip, but here's the link.

K is for Kermit's news updates about nursery rhymes. These always killed me. I love Kermit's scrunched-up face of disgust and his bitching to his producer about his assignments. He's like Anderson Cooper.

L is for Lefty, the character who taught kids it was okay to buy things from shady guys in trenchcoats. Wait....

M is for Monologue, like the one delivered here by the great Patrick Stewart.

N is for Near And Far. Grover's cardio is awful.

O is for One, Two, Three Pigs! AH AH AH AH!

P is for Prairie Dawn. A long-forgotten character who inexplicably looked just like Shelley Long, she and Cookie Monster combined for tons of great skits. "You're always denying me!"

Q is for Quiet. Or, it's for Quite, as in 'Man, Kermit is being quite a dick to Elmo.' Geez, just let the kid help you describe what's loud and what's quiet. What's the big deal? Any clip with a patented Kermit scream is amazing.

R is for Robert De Niro. This clip is a great source of riboflavin! De Niro's Elmo laugh will haunt my nightmares.

S is for Snuffleupagus. Those are some quality reaction shots from the human cast.

T is for Telly, whose new shoes are sold to him by none other than Neil Patrick Harris. The girl muppet at the start of the skit even looks a bit like Alyson Hannigan. Maybe not the greatest skit, but hey, it's got NPH. That's enough to make it accept(wait for it)able.

U is for Unsettling, as in 'That giant anthromorphic U is really unsettling.' I remember seeing this skit as a kid but only just now realized that the guy is supposed to be a mountie. Paul Gross owes his whole acting career to this skit.

V is for Venice, the setting for arguably the best 'Monsterpiece Theatre' spoof of them all. Too bad Grover didn't call the Venetians on their obviously lame attempt to hide their anti-monsterism. "Anyway, me digress."

W is for Wonder, as in Stevie. One of the best live performances on any show, ever.

X is for X Marks The Spot. Sherlock Hemlock looks exactly like Cary Elwes' character in 'The Princess Bride.'

Y is for Y, Norah Jones' absentee friend.

Z is for ZZ Blues. What's up with the Count channeling Billy Crystal's old 'Fernando' character?

And now, the numbers. Since it would take a while to find more clips, we can take care of them in one fell swoop with....the Pinball Song!

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