Thursday, September 17, 2009

Create A Story For This Random Picture #1

The Changs were quite surprised when the pool door slammed shut behind them and locked them inside the exhibit. Little did they know that they were the exhibit! Due to budget cutbacks, Marineland could no longer afford its usual array of exotic underwater creatures. Instead, they had to be more creative, and in this case, the Chang family was put on display since Mr. Chang used to serve in the Marines.

Unfortunate for Marineland, their human exhibit policy didn't last long. Mr. Chang was able to break out of the display because...well, he was a former Marine, after all. After threatening the park with a lawsuit, the Changs finally agreed to settle if little Jenny Chang was allowed to ride the killer whale. All would've been well in the world except, due to budget cutbacks, the killer whale had been replaced by a piano with a tarp over it.

In summation, amusement parks have been hit hard by the worldwide economic downturn.

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