Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Stanley Cup Finals Preview

Since I've paid less attention to this playoff than any other in recent memory, this will be short and sweet. The Ducks win in six.


-- For the third straight year, it's a Canadian team in the finals against a warm-weather American-based squad in a city that gives as much of a damn about hockey as the girl in the Hip's "Fireworks" song. Both the Oilers and Flames lost --- why should the Sens be any different?

-- The Ducks will break out the flying V. Sens coach Jack Reilly won't know how to handle it, and he'll react by sending his goons to attack Ducks' winger/cake-eater Adam Banks.

-- The Ducks are just a better team. People are suddenly on the Senators' bandwagon after seeing them put three good series together. Meanwhile, a lot of folks picked Anaheim before the playoffs began, they've looked good in making it to the finals, and they've been one of the strongest teams all throughout the regular season. Why change now?

-- Selanne is a good guy. He's one of the bigger names in the NHL to not have won a Cup. Let him have one. Also, Chris Pronger is...hmm. Well, Selanne, at least.

-- Because I cannot bear to hear my pal Dave brag about the Sens win a Cup for the next X years before the Leafs do. The Sens are 'his team' in the sense that he lives in Ottawa and often uses them in hockey video games. When pressed, he can't name more than five players on the team. Why should a bandwagon fan be rewarded in such a way?

-- Because I would hate to see my fellow Leaf fan friends be arrested for civil disobedience if Ottawa won. Seriously, they'd start a riot in downtown Toronto. You know who you are, IAN. I believe I posted last year about how one should root for the remaining Canadian team in the playoffs out of national pride, but...not when it's the Senators. Screw that.

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