Saturday, August 25, 2018

A Night At The Ballet

I claim to be up on popular culture, but it's a lie. For instance, I was on the streetcar the other day and saw the words 'Spandau Ballet' scrawled across the back of a chair. The name triggered a vague recollection in my head, as I knew I'd heard the name before, but made the not-illogical leap that it was an actual ballet organization. Not knowing anything about the world of ballet, it seemed a reasonable inference.

Thinking it was hilarious that some punk would rebelliously scrawl the name of an international ballet company as graffiti, I was going to write up a little blog bit about it here.  However, after checking Google to get a bit more info on this Spandau operation, it turns out that 'Spandau Ballet' is not a ballet at all, but rather a British rock band from the 1980's.

So, in conclusion, knowing lots of random bits of information means nothing if you can't use it in the proper context. Just to be clear, the Red Hot Chili Peppers are four anthromorphic chili peppers who have learned how to play funk-rock songs, right?

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