Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The 37 Best Killers Songs

Wait, are the Killers one of my favourite bands?  I own and enjoy all four of their studio albums, and I own and enjoy their B-sides album (well, by the standards of ‘this is pretty good for a B-sides record,’ since there’s a reason those tracks were on the cutting room floor).  So by this standard, yes, I guess I think they’re terrific!  Now, they’re not quite in my upper tier of favourite bands, as I’ve never seen them live.  I’ve never even felt any particular yearning to see them live, which is probably the cutoff point between “band I like” and “favourite band.”

That being said, I’m running out of bands to feature in this Favourite Songs posts, so down to the next tier we go!  This list is based on personal preference, and I might have a notably different order if I’d written this post tomorrow.  I decided on 37 ‘favourite songs’ for the Killers, by which I mean there was originally a longer list but realized that you know what, everything from #38 on down was a good boat but not really one of my top-drawer choices.  If your favourite Killers song isn’t on the list, pretend it was #38 and I really hemmed and hawed over cutting it (when, in fact, I don’t even remember what #38 was!)  Only original material counts, which is kind of a shame in this case since the Killers’ cover of “Romeo & Juliet” is better than the Dire Straits original and would’ve been probably a top-five placement.

Onto the list!

37. Daddy’s Eyes
36. All The Pretty Faces
35. Change Your Mind
34. Goodnight, Travel Well
33. Neon Tiger
32. Andy, You’re A Star
31. Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf
30. The Ballad Of Michael Valentine
29. Bling (Confession Of A King)
28. Human
27. Smile Like You Mean It
26. Just Another Girl
25. Why Do I Keep Counting?
24. My List
23. Tranquilize
22. Bones
21. Show You How
20. Heart Of A Girl
19. Joy Ride
18. Entertude/Exitlude (from “Sam’s Town”)
17. Deadlines and Commitments
16. Here With Me
15. Be Still
14. Uncle Jonny
13. Sweet Talk
12. Read My Mind
11. Spaceman
10. Somebody Told Me
9. Losing Touch
8. For Reasons Unknown
7. Runaways
6. Sam’s Town
5. I Can’t Stay
4. Mr. Brightside
3. When You Were Young
2. Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine
1. All These Things That I’ve Done

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