Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Good Commercial/Bad Commercial

GOOD: What I like about this commercial is that the parents aren’t particularly happy about their Tide.  This isn’t a case where a miracle product suddenly turns everything into sunshine and rainbows.  The parents simply take their good fortune with a grim nod and carry on, relieved to get even a minor victory in the never-ending war that is being a parent.  I won’t bother linking to this ad since you’ve undoubtedly already seen it as an automatic YouTube ad on VIRTUALLY EVERY VIDEO FOR THE LAST SIX MONTHS.

GOOD: Cookie Monster should be in every commercial, really.  Remember that brief period about a decade ago when Cookie Monster was promoting healthy eating and saying things like “cookies are only a sometimes snack”?  That was B.S.

BAD?:  Not really bad, just kind of a confusing campaign here from the Wyndham Hotels empire.  “Hey, Game of Thrones is huge right now, let’s hire one of their actors to be our new spokesperson.”  “Great idea!  Who’d you have in mind?  The heroic Jon Snow?  The beloved Arya Stark?  The hilarious Tyrion Lannister?”  “Nah, how about the half-crazed wildling warrior who looks like a bearded madman even out of character?”  “Sold!"

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