Saturday, March 19, 2016

Amateur Dream Analysis

DREAM: I’m living in a fairly well-appointed townhouse, and everyone in the townhouse complex is having a building party.  (I say ‘building party’ since it’s one of those townhouse designs where all the buildings are connected around a little court.  Basically everyone’s got their front doors open and we’re all wandering around like it’s some massive potluck.)  It seems like we’re celebrating the fourth of July and there’s a vague southern twinge to the event, even though most of the people there are people I know from my hometown.  It’s like everyone I knew in London just up and decided to move, en masse, to suburban Atlanta. 

So it’s a very casual, laid-back good time happening when suddenly a woman catches my eye.  Her name is Heather, she looks like a cross between Zooey Deschanel and Terms Of Endearment-era Debra Winger, and we end up talking for “hours.”  Now, this is one of those dream-time things where it seemed like we said only a few words, yet time seemed to pass quickly and my buddy Trev (cameo!) mentioned that “wow, you guys have been over here for hours, what’s up?”  I’ll assume that Dream Trev’s watch was accurate.  Whatever the time, it was a very quick and intense feeling of instantly falling in love with this Heather.  We parted ways for a minute, which led to Trevor and (randomly) this guy Brian I went to high school with (and haven’t seen in at least a decade) taking me aside in a bedroom to implore me to go after her.  Brian’s exact words, said with as much wistfulness as possible, were “no regrets, man.  No regrets.”  So I leave the room, walk up to Heather as she’s drinking a Coke and say “wanna kiss?”  She does a spit-take all over the person next to her, who’s understandably annoyed, she quickly apologizes and then says “Sure!” to me.

The next stage of the dream has us leaving the party and seemingly being up all night at various other events, such as a) going to a bar, b) another apartment party held in (oddly) an apartment that’s completely empty aside from a single TV and a single couch and hosted by someone neither of us knew, and c) a special 5am theatre screening of some unnamed blockbuster movie.  My friend Matt was also inexplicably at this screening, and upon meeting Heather, instantly went into “let’s tell an embarrassing story from Mark’s past” mode.  She reacted with good humour, though I was annoyed.

And then I woke up.

ANALYSIS: In a nutshell, wow I’m lonely!  It’s been a bit of a dry spell for your ol’ pal Mark, so maybe this was my brain trying to boost my spirits.  And man, what a boost.  I’m not really a believer in the whole love-at-first-sight thing (the actual word for that is just “lust”) but man, who’s going to blame me for instantly falling in love with someone who looks like Zooey Deschanel and a young Debra Winger?  And combining those looks with someone is both apparently a fine conversationalist and has the comic timing for a perfect spit-take?  That is literally a dream girl.

The whole idea here was seemingly my subconscious giving me an impossibly romantic “first time we met” story, not to mention rather implausibly cramming every possible cute scenario into a single evening.  You can meet at a great party or meet at a crappy party, though doing both is overkill.  And I mean, a 5am movie screening?  That’s not plausible even for a Star Wars sequel.  Matt being there is also a curiosity since Matt isn’t a big moviegoer, and amongst my friends, he’s usually one to be respectful around all of our respective girlfriends (unless he had a few drinks in him, though who’d be going to a 5am screening drunk?  I’d assume that in such an event, you really want to see this movie and presumably would want to be sober to enjoy it.)

The southern U.S. locale was also unusual since literally nobody in the dream was southern.  Not even Heather.  I don’t really care for the south due to various factors (the heat, the long history of racism, the general ignorance, etc.) though I guess I appreciate the “southern hospitality” vibe.  So basically my dream stripped everything I don’t like about the south away and basically just made it into my hometown.  I’ll take it!

Brian’s cameo appearance was truly unusual.  As noted, I haven’t seen him in years and years, plus we were acquaintances at best in school.  Dream Brian said more words to me than actual Brian ever did, which is in no small part due to the fact that actual Brian never seemed to actually talk.  He was an incredibly quiet guy.  Maybe I subconsciously associated his not talking with “not expressing yourself” writ large, hence his impersonated plea for me to go for it.  Thanks for the advice, Dream Brian!

The townhouse complex was quite nice, and certainly the kind of place I'd like to live.  I wouldn't at all be a fan, however, of the random open-doors policy.  I don't want a bunch of more-or-less strangers hoofing through my living room, eating my food, using my bathroom.

Heather seems to be entirely a creation of my subconscious mind.  However, if you know a woman in her early-30’s that could pass for either Emma Greenway or Jessica Day, hook a brother up.

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