Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Force Awakens

"Hi Mark, this is The Internet."
"Wait, what?  'The Internet'?  Like, the entire world wide web?"
"Ugh, nobody's called me the 'world wide web' in years.  Get with it.  Anyways, it's come to my attention that you haven't posted the new Star Wars trailer on your blog."
"Nah, I'm not a big Star Wars guy.  I enjoyed the original movies but didn't capital-L Love them or anything, and while I'm surely interested in the new film, it's not a big..."
"Post.  The.  Trailer."
"Can't I..."
"Post.  The.  Trailer.  This isn't negotiable.  Don't you want to be like every other blog on me?"
"I like to think of myself as an iconoclast."
"In a way, you are.  Most blogs are updated regularly with interesting content, so yours definitely breaks that mold."
"Low blow."
"C'mon, you thought The Internet wouldn't be snarky?"

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