Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Random Nonsense

In the spirit of the opening image, here's the DuckTales opening theme performed by real ducks.  I know, I've officially become the guy posting cute videos of animals on the internet, but I don't give a duck.

It's like the people at Trivago really wanted to cast Scott Bakula, and when he wasn't available, they cast a guy who finished sixth in a Scott Bakula lookalike contest.

When even Bill Murray himself is making casting suggestions, you have to know this Ghostbusters reboot idea is likely happening.  Wiig, McCarthy and Stone were all obvious candidates, though Linda Cardellini is an inspired and interesting choice.  Does Bill know something we don't know?  Is Paul Feig giving a plum role to one of his old Freaks & Geeks buddies?  I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVIE.

Does EVERY New Zealand team perform a Haka before a competition?  I really hope so, even during a seniors' sewing competition or during a chess tournament.  The American team, clearly very intimidated by the Haka, went on to win the game by 27 points.

I didn't write much about the "How I Met Your Mother" finale last spring but my reaction to the controversial ending was basically the same as everyone else's.  If the episode ends with Ted and Tracy under the umbrella at the train station, it's perfect; instead, we got the coda where Tracy died.

Anyway, the rumoured alternate ending to "How I Met Your Mother" has leaked and man, I'm just angry now.  I mean…who would look at this ending, and then the actual ending, and decide that Tracy dying and Ted ultimately ending up with Robin was the better idea?  It makes not a whit of sense.

Consider the pressure that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas faced as the years went on and their little show became more and more popular.  They presented their audience with a direct premise in the title and they were obligated to have to pay it off in a big way.  Can you imagine the thought that went into casting Tracy?  What actress could possibly live up to expectations as THE perfect Mother?  And then, against all odds, Cristin Milioti is cast and she creates an instantly-beloved character that has crazy chemistry with Ted* and somehow actually manages to live up to those expectations.  It's a home run all around….

* = Josh Radnor had tremendous chemistry with almost all of his romantic partners, which came in handy in the cases of Victoria and Stella, both of whom were planned to end up as 'the Mother' if the show had been canceled.  While Radnor worked well with everyone, however, he took it up another notch in his scenes with Milioti to really make it clear that Tracy was the one.  Kudos to the Rad, whose work on this show went largely unnoticed.

….and then they friggin' KILLED HER OFF and Ted winds up with Robin.  WTF.  It's clear the Ted-Robin ending was planned years in advance given the old footage of his kids (shot when they were younger) but still, somewhere you have to call an audible when a) Milioti is on fire and b) when it became pretty clear that the Ted/Robin relationship was a dead horse to the majority of the viewership.  Rehashing them in the finale's closing moment was just a head-buried-in-the-hands moment.

I'm not English and I don't care about rugby, but my god, am I suddenly fired up.  The wild thing is, you could've asked Charles Dance to simply convey his message through facial expressions alone for two minutes and the effect would've been exactly the same.

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