Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Amateur Dream Analysis

DREAM: I'm at my bank, taking some money out of the ATM.  I'm just typing my password when I get a strange sensation that I'm being watched, and turn to find Gordon Pinsent peering over my shoulder, about two inches away from me.  Yes, that's right, veteran Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent.  I say, "Do you mind?" to which Pinsent responds, "Oh, don't mind me" in kind of an enigmatic tone of voice.  He then half-smiles, also in kind of an enigmatic kind of way, and backs slowly out of the bank entrance.  There's a customer at the other ATM who looks sort of like Luis Guzman, who's been watching this whole thing, and he just responds with "Damn, that was creepy."  And then I woke up.

: Like most Canadians, I have nothing but admiration for Gordon Pinsent.  What's not to like?  Good actor, liking him seems vaguely patriotic and he was also the voice of Babar.  I shit you not, Babar was voiced by Gordon freakin' Pinsent, a fact I just learned via Wikipedia.  That's awesome.  I wish I was wearing a green suit right now.

Hey wait a second.  Pinsent is Canadian…he gives off a vibe of being trustworthy….green is the colour of Babar's suit…my dream was in a bank….oh man, this is just one giant TD-Canada Trust allegory, isn't it?  (All that was missing was those two old guys whose entire lives seems to revolve around being surprised that banks' operation procedures have changed since the 1950's.)  And since Pinsent was sneaking, it's because I'm secretly afraid that the bank is being dishonest with my finances?  It's a pretty nice little theory….except I don't bank with TD.  Huh, okay, back to the drawing board. 

In general, I'm pretty anal about personal security.  It's a well-known punchline amongst my friends that my banking practices are straight outta the stone age.  I don't use web banking, I use personal cheques all the time and I even have an old bank book I update whenever I personally visit the bank and have the teller take care of my business for me.  I freely admit that this is silly, since lord knows I trust computers to do everything else for me, yet for banking I'm still very old-school.  It's probably because I'm dealing with such enormous sums of cash in my personal accounts.  *polishes monocle*  *straightens top hat*

So this dream could be about my paranoia about banking in general, since even when doing everything in person, it really does leave one even more open to invasion of privacy.  Like, for instance, Gordon Pinsent doing the creep to try and ascertain my pin number.  Why Pinsent?  Is there some kind of PIN number/PINsent connection?  Was Gordon SENT to get my PIN?  Did he actually see enough to glean my entire password, which is why he didn't care that I spotted him?  Or, since he was standing so close in the first place, maybe Pinsent didn't care if he got caught and was just being a jerk.  So many questions, so little relevant analysis…uh, in this post titled 'Dream Analysis.'

The Luis Guzman-looking guy, I dunno, I just assume that Guzman in real life is constantly bemused by everything around him.  Frankly, now I want to see a TV show where Guzman and Pinsent team up to solve crimes.  They can call it Gordon And Luis, which will also draw in confused viewers who think it's a show starring those two guys from Sesame Street.

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