Sunday, March 11, 2007

Whither Weather

Why is CityTV suddenly pimping their weatherman like he's God's gift to meteorology? I can't watch anything on City without seeing at least one ad promoting their ace weatherman during every commercial break. Apparently his latest claim to fame is that he was the 'only one' who predicted Toronto's big blizzard at the beginning of the month. Stop the presses!

Isn't City a little too high-profile to be running these cheesy ads? Promoting the weatherman is an antiquated notion right out of Ron Burgundy's era. With the internet, the weather channel, and sticking your head out the window, who even relies on the local weatherman any more?


Listamania will continue soon. The impetus for the lists came from a friend of mine who complained that my posting was 'listless.' He may have been talking about my recent lack of posts, but I've chosen to take him literally in order to make a fool of the both of us.

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