Monday, February 26, 2007

Quick Oscar thoughts

Martin Scorsese 1, Three Six Mafia 1

Ellen did an okay job, but I would love to see a Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly combo host next year's Oscars.

Had Eddie Murphy won, he would've become the first former SNL cast member to win an Oscar. He joins Murray, Aykroyd, McKean, Cusack, Downey, Quaid and George Coe among the losing SNL nominees.

The movie I liked the most out of the nominees actually won Best Picture. That NEVER happens for me.

How unstoppable would a Gore/Obama ticket be in 2008? They could dig up Ronald Reagan (or just re-enact the last two years of his presidency) and even he would bow to their might.

Melissa Etheridge and her partner have four kids? David Crosby's got sperm like a mofo.

Peter O'Toole is now the losingest actor in Oscar history, with an 0-for-8 record. It matches his blood-alcohol level, which is a constant 0.8

Jack Nicholson stealing my haircut was both scary and awesome at the same time. I think he was stating that since he played the Joker, he could've played Lex Luthor equally well.

Clint introducing Ennio Morricone was like a bad sketch come to life. There' s a reason why Clint always played the strong, silent type.

The only result that really angered me was Children of Men not winning cinematography.

Next year, cut down on the bloody montages, lose the artistic dance troupe and have all five best picture clips cued up and ready to go in the first hour.

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Dallas said...

I loved when John C. Reilly emerged from the crowd. He warms my heart. And what's this about David Crosby?