Saturday, December 09, 2006

The "Storm of the Century"

When did London become home to a bunch of wusses? There was a lot (ok, a whole lot) of snow Friday night, but it was hardly worth massive school shutdowns, road closures, and everyone from the mayor on down running around with their heads cut off. What are we, Americans?

Fact: by, like, 11 AM that day, the sun was shining, the main roads were clear from both plows and constant driving, and it wasn't even that cold. While a lot of snow had fallen, it wasn't packed tightly -- I believe the scientific term is 'puffy snow.' My dad, brother and I cleared our driveway in less than 20 minutes.

In short, suck it up, London. Or am I just bitter since I never got a snow day* in all my years of schooling, and then one occurs on the first major snowfall of my first year as a non-student since 1984? Who's to say.

* = I recall getting a 'snow afternoon' once in grade school, which was kind of weird since that meant a lot of parents had to drive to pick up their kids, and thus risked their safety more by heading out on the roads. Even then, the snow wasn't all that dangerous. I remember my parents picked up my brother and I, and then we went out to lunch and even dropped by our dentist's office to pick up my brother's Patient of the Month award. Whenever you had a perfect checkup, you wrote your name on a piece of paper and dropped it into a birdcage. One name was drawn each month as the Patient of the Month, and then they received a small trophy. In all my years of perfect check-ups, I never received this honour. Now I'm old enough that entering the contest would look kind of pathetic. Damn you, random chance!

I love how my footnote is longer than the rest of the post.


Chad Nevett said...

The thing that annoys me most about winter is how fucking whiny people get about it. First cold day of the season and what do you get? Everyone complaining that it's cold out--like it doesn't happen every fucking year. And, unlike summer, you can actually do things about winter to keep warm while outside. The worst are girls (and some guys) who complain about the cold, but refuse to put on a hat because it will mess up their hair. You just hope they get frostbite on their ears.

Anonymous said...

Hey- I remember the Iceday back in gradeschool! They wouldn't let kids leave unless their parent picked them up.

*I'll hook you up with a patient of the month award sometime around June-July.