Thursday, June 15, 2006


I sit here in my Toronto living room, feeling the evening air move in through the window and washing over me and the two TVs in the room that don't work. Neither have cable, which means the only channel I get is a blurry CBC. If ever you wanted to see a sociological experiment (Mark Living Without TV), this is your chance. I've been able to survive because I can see World Cup games at work, but man.....I'm falling behind on my random Simpsons and Seinfeld reruns. Not to mention Conan.

In any case, that's my one complaint. Living in Toronto is amazing. The job is wonderful, the roommates seem pretty laid-back, the subway is convenient (if filthy) and after coming here for my entire life, I think I can actually find my way around several parts of Toronto now. Or, at least, I sort of know where they are. With help of a map. And MapQuest.


One very cool thing about living in the city: World Cup time is madness. Every second car has a flag on the back window, and everyone seems to be intently following the action. I live near the Korean district, so I was awakened a few mornings ago to the sounds of horns and jubiliation when Team Korea beat Team Togo. I would've been mad about being woken up, but it was for a good cause. In a related story, I nearly choked on my apple juice when I found out Ukraine lost to Spain by a ghastly score of 4-0. Who loses 4-0 in soccer?! That's like losing an eating contest after only eating one delicious blueberry pie. What a shameful day for my cultural ancestors. People will be taking dioxin en masse.


I'll leave you with this...

First of all, this article contains the immortal phrase "Wuhl's a credible guy -- take a second look at "Cobb.'" When I make my Top Ten Worst Movies Ever list, 'Cobb' will have a prominent position.

Anyway, scroll down to #11 and have the blood start pouring from your eyes. I just don't know how to respond. This is my biggest musical disillusionment since U2 did those iPod ads.

(I don't think I've ever commented to anyone just how pissed I was those. If 'How to Dismantle...' hadn't been a good album, I don't know what I would've done. That would've been a life turning point. Just like when I thought the Leafs were going to deal for Bertuzzi, upon which I would've officially disavowed them until he left the roster).

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