Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Hot! Live! Music! (again w/Postmodern Jukebox)

Almost two years to the day after my last splurge of PMJ songs, here we are again!

"Creep," which supports my quiet theory that Radiohead's original is actually the *worst* version of the song.

"Halo," which I'd actually is (Beygency members crack their knuckles)...almost as good as Beyonce's version!  (Beygency members sit down, satisfied)

"Gangsta's Paradise," which is admittedly no Amish Paradise, but still.  I'm pretty sure Coolio (or even L7) would handily defeat Al Capone in a rap battle.

"This Must Be The Place," which was already high on the list of my favourite songs of all time, and now it jumps up even a few more spots.

"My Heart Will Go On," which should retroactively be awarded another Oscar for inspiring this cover.

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