Thursday, July 31, 2008

Classic Will Ferrell

So, Step Brothers was decent. If Ferrell was Pearl Jam, this would be Binaural --- a solid, if perhaps a bit uninspired, outing. How much of the dialogue between Ferrell and John C. Reilly do you think was improvised? Any guesses lower than 70 percent will not be accepted.

In honor of Ferrell's latest, here are a few of his clips from various media. First, a classic SNL bit that served as the sequel to the 'Get Off The Shed' sketch that basically won Ferrell his spot on the show.

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Now, Ferrell and John C. Reilly (I'm convinced they're the same person in two different bodies) discuss and spoil The Dark Knight. Don't worry, they don't "really" spoil it, so if you haven't seen Dark Knight yet, don't worry. Then again, if you haven't seen it yet, what the hell is the matter with you? Have you been in the coma for the last two weeks? Since that's the only excuse.

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Another SNL skit, perhaps the last truly great Ferrell bit he did on the show. By the way, the number of trident stabs? Thirty-three. I counted.

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Oh man, the Bird family skit. I haven't seen this one in years. For my money, one of the most underrated great sketches in SNL history. Chris Parnell, to the best of my recollection, never broke character once in all his years on the show. What a trooper.

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Am I crazy, or does Ferrell-as-Neil Diamond look like Craig T. Nelson? I can't believe I've mentioned Craig T. Nelson in two straight posts.

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Ferrell and John C. Reilly have demands if they're going to host the ESPYs....

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....and even more demands.

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Ah, Harry Caray. Does this impression ever stop being funny? Poor Goldblum doesn't know what hit him, both in the skit and apparently in real life --- look at his attempts to keep from laughing about halfway through. I love that has 'ribs' listed as one of this video's tags.

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This isn't a Will Ferrell bit, but rather Atlanta Braves reliever Will Ohman doing his best Harry. It's more like Ohman doing an impression of Ferrell doing Harry, but hey, it's still grand.


Anonymous said...

Re: Farrell- Picking up the 2-DVD best of Farrell for 10 bucks remains one of the wiser long-term media choices I've made. I also have a thing for his unaired sketch where he's a grizzled 1870's gold prospector in a mission briefing for Afghanistan. Aw, peaches!

Re: Reilly- My favorite remains Brule's Rules- "If you're on fire, STOPDROPNROLL!!... for your health."

Question Mark said...

The funny thing is about the 'best of' Ferrell specials is that those were absolutely not the best representation of his best work on SNL. You could easily fill a third volume with even better material. No Neil Diamond Storytellers on either? For shame.