Sunday, March 04, 2018

The Best Movie Scenes Of 2017

A great scene can take place in a great movie, an awful movie, or anything in between.  It can be one line of dialogue, maybe even as simple as a character's glance or even a quick camera cut...or it can be a massive setpiece that lasts for 10 minutes or more, as I stretch the boundaries of what a "scene" exactly is, perhaps compared to what a "sequence" is. 

Anyway, here is my annual compilation of the scenes that most stood out to me over the course of the last cinematic year.  I laughed, I cried, I said "wow" out loud to no one in the theatre. 

SPOILER ALERT for some of these movies, as though I tried to be somewhat vague about some plot details, it couldn't be helped in some cases.

36. The song-and-dance number (The Shape Of Water)
35. Peter goes “sad astronaut” (Rough Night)
34. Mildred’s “Blood vs. Crips” analogy (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri)
33. K finds his horse (Blade Runner 2049)
32. The Moors and the “Moores” (The Trip To Spain)
31. The chase through the underground mall (Okja)
30. “So what have you been up to?”  “Well…” (Sense Of An Ending)
29. “I’m Mary Poppins, y’all!” (Guardians Of The Galaxy 2)
28. “This Is Me” (The Greatest Showman)
27. Will Oldham’s character’s monologue about the future (A Ghost Story)
26. Thor vs. The Hulk (Thor: Ragnarok)
25. The fight in the mirror exhibit (John Wick 2)
24. Lee and Jeremy run lines (The Hero)
23. The Bishop reads the list of sins (The Little Hours)
22. Captain America’s PSAs (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
21. Luke faces the First Order (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)
20. The two ghosts encounter each other (A Ghost Story)
19. The guys are telling stories about Vietnam (Last Flag Flying)
18. Matt and Danny deliver their speeches (The Meyerowitz Stories)
17. Rey, Kylo Ren, and Snoke (Star Wars: The Last Jedi)
16. Terry’s performance (The Square)
15. Danny and Eliza play “Genius Girl” (The Meyerowitz Stories)
14. The last line and cut to the end credits (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
13. K versus Deckard (Blade Runner 2049)
12. The surprise in the credits (Split)
11. Georgie loses his boat (It)
10. Chris finds the photo album (Get Out)
9. Leadership in Times of Crisis and Change (Dim The Fluorescents)
8. The entire sequence at Adventureland (Good Time)
7. The opening bank robbery escape chase (Baby Driver)
6. John Wick vs. Cassian in the subway (John Wick 2)
5. Elio and his dad have a chat (Call Me By Your Name)
4. Peter and Adrian in the car (Spider-Man: Homecoming)
3. Moonee and Jancey go to Disneyland (The Florida Project)
2. Miguel sings to his grandmother (Coco)
1. Georgina “reassures” Chris (Get Out)

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