Saturday, March 31, 2018

Conan & Jordan & Italy

I mean, in theory Jordan breaking character kind of "ruins" the gimmick of the whole schtick.  But in a way, it makes it even funnier.  First of all, we've seen Jordan break his stone face on multiple times in the past --- there's even one in this video when Conan busts out the "sucking at my teat" line.  Secondly, when he totally loses it at the 6:30 mark, I feel what we get next is a glimpse into what the actual relationship between Conan and Jordan is like.  It's all good-natured jibes back and forth and you can tell these two are good friends.  To be frank, I suspect Jordan (who isn't a trained actor, by the way) might break up a lot during these segments and they just edit it out, but this was whole segment was too funny to leave on the cutting room floor. 

And to think, Jordan finally loses it when Conan is just staring at him!  It was the Schlansky look itself that broke Schlansky himself!  I'm going to love this Italy special.

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