Saturday, March 14, 2015

Hot! Live! Music!

Stevie Wonder, “Overjoyed”
A clip from Stevie’s legendary Saturday Night Live appearance in 1983.  This show was also notable for the hilarious skit where Stevie plays a Steve Wonder impersonator at an audition, then intentionally does two crappy takes on his own songs.  On his last chance, he busts out a pitch-perfect version of “My Cherie Amour,” which might’ve been even more gorgeous than the following song.  After the audience goes nuts, Eddie Murphy waits a beat for the applause to die down…then tells Stevie it was terrible.

Amy Winehouse, “Valerie”
How have I lived my whole life not knowing that this is actually a Zutons cover?!?!  The Zutons are a pretty obscure British rock band from the early 2000s, known only to me since I reviewed one of their albums for my school newspaper.  The record was pretty good too, though “Valerie” wasn’t on it.  For reference’s sake, here’s the original version, and with all due respect to the Zutons, Amy Winehouse grabs the original by the hair and throws it over the top rope. 

Radiohead, “Nobody Does It Better”
Speaking of new versions of old songs, that’s right, this is Radiohead covering a Carly Simon James Bond theme song.  We just passed the 20th anniversary of ‘The Bends,’ which should make you feel super-old.  Watching early 1990’s Radiohead is SO WEIRD.  It’s like a completely different band, or like it’s a Radiohead cover band trying to imitate that it would sound like if Radiohead covered Carly Simon.

Florence & The Machine, “Take Care”
Hell, let’s keep the cover train rolling with F & TM covering Drake.  Florence’s new album is out in June, I’m excited!  And the Raptors could potentially still be alive in the playoffs in June (admittedly if a lot of things break right), so maybe this could become their postseason fight song!  It’s a real toe-tapper!  On another note, is “take care” a douchey and dismissive way of saying goodbye to someone?  I say it all the time when ending phone calls or parting ways with people without a second thought, but my ex-girlfriend called me on it.  Am I crazy?  (Note, I didn't say "take care" when we broke up, since that absolutely would've been a dick move.)  Admittedly, Jerry Seinfeld already cited ‘take care now’ as a bad idea years ago.

The Beatles, “Twist And Shout”
One of the rare Beatles live performances that isn’t ruined by high-pitched shrieking throughout, this is from their 1963 gig at the Royal Variety Show.  It was somewhat of a more high-class crowd that included both the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret, hence Lennon’s cheeky little dig about rattling jewelry.  The Beatles always had to play this song last in their sets since it just destroyed Lennon’s voice.

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