Thursday, June 19, 2008


Jewel. Remember her? She's back, in pog form. And by pog, I guess I mean a new album, which is pog-shaped, if nothing else. I won't be buying it, much like how I haven't bought any Jewel album since her first, the name of which I'm totally blanking on right now. Pieces of something? Whatever, it's actually not a bad disc. Anyway, the real point of this is that I've always found Jewel to be smoking hot. I remember having arguments about this back in high school. While the other lads would be crowing over Janet Jackson, Natalie Imbruglia (remember her? She was big for a good 15 months back in the day), or pre-insane Britney Spears, I was always the one throwing Jewel's hat into the ring. I actually own sheet music for Foolish Games. My fondest memory of Super Bowl XXXII --- actually, my only fond memory, given Green Bay's crushing defeat --- was Jewel singing the national anthem, and looking so hot that the camera cut to Brett Favre at one point, whose expression could be roughly translated as "Man, I should probably be concentrating on this football game, but holy crap do I ever want to do Jewel." In fact, maybe I should blame Jewel for throwing off Favre's concentration and costing the Packers the game. Does anyone know if Jewel was at Lambeau Field last January, since that would explain a lot. Anyway, the REAL real point of this is that I flicked over to NBC the other night in preparation for Conan and caught the last few minutes of Jay Leno's musical guest, who happened to be none other than...Eagle-Eye Cherry. No, I'm just kidding, that would have made the previous paragraph totally pointless. It was of course Jewel. And damned if she didn't look at gorgeous as ever. Over a decade later and she was still bringing it. Maybe all that sun in Alaska has a curative effect. She looked so wonderful that it made me thankful that Jay Leno had a show, which is a sensation that I'm very unfamiliar with.

On the sliding scale of European dance music, the "Numa Numa" song is actually catchy as hell.

I will be buying the upcoming remastered releases of Boy and October, but not War. Each CD comes with a bonus disc of live material and b-sides (sort of like the remastered version of Joshua Tree that came out last winter), and the Boy and October albums have some cool tracks on their bonuses. War, however, has a bonus disc that consists of 10 tracks --- four of which are different mixes of New Year's Day, and three that are different mixes of Two Hearts Beat As One. Seriously?! 70 of the extra disc is comprised of two songs? I will never get U2's obsession with remixes. Maybe it's a European thing. The stink of the atrocity that was U2's Best of 1990-2000 album (half of that second disc were dance mixes of their hits....ugh) has yet to fully fade from my nostrils. Even worse, of the three non-NYD or THBAO songs on the bonus disc, one is Treasure (one of U2's all-time best b-sides) and a totally fresh unreleased song called Angels Too Tied To The Ground. Dammit, I'm a completist! I would've wanted these two on disc!

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RT Murphy said...

I'll have to give you that she looked pretty good in that video, whassis, 'Intuition' I think it was. Fortunately, her name always reminds me of the following Scrubs quote:

J.D.: Elliot! Come on! This is crazy - you're living out of a van like a hobo... or Jewel.
Elliot: Her poetry changed my life.

Oh, how many girls in the late 90's did I meet where that exact exchange happened...