Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Mmm, popcorn

I'm worried I'm losing my status as a film snob.

Don't get me wrong -- I still know my Herzogs from my Kieslowskis, and I'm still one of the elite few on this side of the planet that realizes Takashi Shimura was the Messiah. Nevertheless, I feel like I'm criminally lagging behind on the number of good movies I've seen this year. Now, in this calendar year, I've actually seen several great ones (i.e. Match Point, Good Night and Good Luck), but those films were technically released in 2005, so I go by that standard because I think I'm the Academy or something.

The problem is I'm seeing too many movies and not enough films. I'm falling into a rut where 90% of the stuff I watch is mainsteam Hollywood flicks, and they have been largely garbage for a long while. I haven't seen ONE truly good movie this year, or at least one that I can look back on and feel that my life was really improved by having seen. I guess 'V for Vendetta' is the leader in the clubhouse for the Oscar Picks,, really? It was well done, but.....really? It's like being the Minnesota Twins and thinking you have a good team, but then you look back at the roster and realize you only have one good position player.

Summer blockbusters have been crap, as well. X-Men 3 was poor. Da Vinci Code was a poor man's Indiana Jones. I have huge worries about Superman Returns, though I'll still go see it. Didn't see MI3: I don't feel the need to contribute to the Tom Cruise Religious Intimidation fund.

Bah. Shake it off. My new place has a DVD player, after all. I need to go out, rent Cache, catch up on Almodovar (he's released TWO movies since Talk To Her?? Where the fuck have I been?) and basically just pretend I'm back in UCC 84 in a film class. Altman's new film is out now, so I need to spare a night to see that. It's at the Westmount Six, which leads me to this riff about how over the last few years, Westmount has been the only mainstream theatre in town that shows artsier content. They don't have the 'really' artsy stuff, but for movies like Good Night and Good Luck, or Prairie Home Companion (so, artistic but still with people like Clooney and Lohan), it's a good fit. Hell, Gosford Park ran at Westmount for about three months in 2001-02, which still strikes me a good way to lose money.

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